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Our sensory boxes are perfect for babies to enjoy exciting and engaging play at home. All the items in the boxes appeal to babies senses and they can be used to explore and develop touch, sound, sight and hearing.

Egg shaker:
The egg shaker has lots of great uses. Babies can hold and shake the egg, listen and track sounds, follow the bright colour from side to side when moved by an adult and enjoy rolling the egg across the floor.

Silver blanket:
Adult supervision required this is not a toy.
The silver blanket is a favourite for babies and there are many opportunities for learning. Babies can explore sight by looking at their reflections, sounds by listening to the unique sound the blankets make and also touch by scrunching up the blanket.
Please note:
Do not leave babies alone with the silver blanket
Do not let babies mouth the blanket
Do not cut the foil

Spikey ball:
This light up, soft to touch spikey ball can be bounced, rolled, squeezed or thrown. It is a great way to develop babies eye gaze and motor skills.

Black and white contrast soft card:
The high contrast designs are great for stimulating baby’s developing sense of sight. The soft card has two pictures for baby to explore. They are great for tummy time and developing communication by talking about what you can see.

Feathers are brilliant for tickling babies hands, feet, fingers and toes and helping them work out where their body parts are.

Mini maraca:
Our maracas are just the right size for babies to develop their grasping skills. Their soft noise is lovely for babies to listen to.

Coloured scarf:
The gorgeous coloured scarf is everyone's favourite. The lightweight semi transparent material make it a great addition to our sensory box.

Ribbon ring:
Our ribbon rings come in lots of different eye catching colours to help develop babies senses. They are great for developing babies sight tracking and hand eye coordination.

There are lots of opportunities for sensory play using our boxes.

Remember all the items in the box require adult supervision at all times

M & C x

Bright Stars Rainbow Sensory Box

  • The Rainbow Sensory Box comes with a mixture of colours handpicked by Molly and Caroline.

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