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Aquatic Nurture with Lindsay

Lindsay joins us at Bright Stars each week to offer the fabulous aquatic nurture. Have a little read below for more information. If you'd like to join the next session with Lindsay please book below, your information including email will be sent to Lindsay and then you will be sent all the sign up information including the payment details. The sessions are £40 for 4 weeks. Any questions as always just drop us a message. 

There is so much more to giving a baby's bath time than hygiene, it is calming, stimulating and multisensory at once!


The ways in which we handle our babies shapes the bath experience and future enjoyment of water. By learning responsive handling, exploring movement, balance and communication your baby’s bath times can become shared moments of pleasure and an opportunity for your baby to develop.

Based on teaching Birthlight simple practices and over 10 years experience in teaching baby swimming. I am excited to bring to you my unique interactive course using an individual baby bath. It is recognised that introducing baby to water in the comfort and calm of an individual baby bath made with warm water with no need for chemicals can give the best start to their swimming journey.


You will build on techniques week on week to set the foundations for early water confidence and a truly nurturing approach to bath time. Techniques perfectly transition to use in your home bath or trips to the pool.


A 4 week course specially designed for new-born babies up to 6 months. Priced £40. 


We will cover:


Teaching of Birthlight ‘Relaxed Holds’ for effective support, movement and balance in baby baths.


Learn how to recognise your baby’s communication cues and what they mean


Discover simple techniques to ease the whole bath experience and increase bonding; we try swaddled baths, water pouring, effective communication, calming holds and dry wrapping


Try sensory development activities  for your baby at bath time.


Receive information for visits to the pool, choosing baby swimming classes and home shared bathing.

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