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As a first time mum, this place has been a godsend. I've met so many amazing mums, some like me and others being seasoned mums that are just full of helpful advice. Everyone is so friendly and whether it's Molly, Caroline or a fellow mum, I know that I can rely on Bright Stars to be full of positivity, encouragement and support. It may have started out as us just going to baby massage, but now I'm going to really miss everyone when I return to work, but I know that I will return at every opportunity! Roll on Saturday classes!

- Ruth 

Bright Stars was my first place I attended with my little girl when she was 4 weeks old and it was everything I could have ever asked for and more. As a first time mum I was petrified to go to classes on my own as I had never done anything like this before however Bright Stars and Caroline made everything so much easier and perfect. I really lacked confidence and being in a class with Caroline, made me feel relaxed and calm. She is ace with my little one, everyone is so approachable, loving and caring. You can tell this is not just a business it is a family and a home. This comes across in every class they do, every interacting I have ever had with them all. I walked in petrified and I now have friends in Caroline and lots of other mums and babies I've met along the way.

We cant get enough and keep going back for different classes so we get to experience everything. I can't thank Caroline and Bright Stars enough for everything they have done for me, my little one and filled my maternity leave with wonderful experiences and memories.


-Hayley x


Bright stars is a fantastic play space. Eliza has loved it everytime we have been and she ask's everyday to go back. We have done a toddler yoga session which uses songs and stories which was brilliant shes been showing her granny and grandpa some yoga moves ever since. We've also been down for a coffee and play in the play space which is amazing. Caroline and Molly are really friendly and it's lovely to see them and have a chat while the children play. We highly recommend going down and trying out the sessions and play space. Xx


- Stacey


we absolutely love it here. lovely place to meet new people or have coffee and cake with friends while the babies play. Caroline and Molly are approachable and knowledgeable.




We did the baby massage course at bright stars and it was brilliant. I ummed and ahhed about doing baby massage as friends had said their classes (with different providers) were poor. Bright stars was nothing like their experiences and we really enjoyed it. We've just started baby sensory and will probably have a go at baby yoga after that. Caroline is really lovely, knows what she's doing and we even got little sheets each lesson of the massage we'd done that day so we could practice at home and really continue with what we'd got from the class.


- Lucy

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